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Burn City

Boom. This is our city!

All Starts with a Pair of Jeans

Eric checking in

Thanks for following us thus far! As you can tell, we have been inactive for quite some time. I will be parting from this blog to start a clean slate, hopefully bringing new snaps through a new perspective. On this journey, I hope to learn and love the camera more than I ever have before and fulfil one of my life’s goals - to engrave my memories in photos.

You can follow my journey at theengram - there will be more coming soon.

Peace out!

Hiatus Ends and New Things Begin…

Hi all!

Eric here. Excuse me for the long hiatus but it has since been a goal of mine to get back into photography. As of late, I have begun to explore avenues outside urban photography and, hopefully, I’ll be able to deliver some nice shots soon. Be on the look out!

Much love :)

Tagged with:  #queen street  #city  #tesia  #burncity
Tagged with:  #tram sign  #town hall  #tesia  #burncity